AMA 2021 Update: 3-7-21

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

Thanks to the great generosity of our community, our ambitious 2021 AMA campaign, Recovery and Renewal is off to a great start. In just the three short weeks since we have launched we have raised upwards of $25,000 towards our goal of $250,000. My sincere thanks to all who have contributed thus far.

As you know, one of the focuses of the campaign is on further developing and improving our ministry of communication. Before we were faced with the COVID pandemic, it was on my mind that we needed to find new ways to connect with people online, particularly those who are homebound or unable, for whatever reason, to join us in person here at the Basilica. Of course with COVID, that became all of us! This sped up the timeline for developing these initial methods of online communication and the exponential growth of our virtual community.

The positive feedback we have received has been overwhelming. We, of course, that we are blessed with the highest quality of music and liturgical celebrations. Our own community has held together throughout this time through the shared experience of the streaming Mass and prayer messages. We have been able to reach out further afield, to people who have moved away from the area but still call Carmel Mission home in their hearts; they can now join us as often as they wish for worship and prayer. We have reached those who have yet to be able to visit our Mission but who are attracted by its beauty, historical significance, and our founder and first pastor, St. Junipero Serra.

We have been fortunate in what we have been able to accomplish in this relatively short period of time, with your generous support, and a core team of people who have worked hard to make our virtual community a reality. But we know we can do more, and we can do better. As part of our campaign we will be expanding our capabilities, both in terms of scope and the quality of our productions, enabling us to continue our mission of spreading the Good News of God’s great love.

I am eager to hear from you. How do you access our virtual community? What do you love? What could we improve on? These efforts are already underway, and we plan to share the steps along the way with all of you. It is a fascinating process, and I have learned a lot already.

I would so appreciate your feedback, and I thank you again for your generosity and selfless stewardship,

Fr. Paul