2021 Annual Ministry Appeal


Annual Ministry Appeal 2021 Recovery and Renewal

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Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,
I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and well, as we embark on our faith journey through this special year of 2021, during which we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the founding of our beautiful Mission by Saint Junípero Serra.

This is a year of RECOVERY and RENEWAL, a time to celebrate our past achievements and to plan for our future. While it is obviously true that conditions and restrictions of 2020 impacted our parish, both materially and spiritually, we have not been idle. We have used the time wisely to explore new and innovative ways to keep our community together and to plan for our future.

Who could have predicted how important the timing of our 2020 AMA Heavenly Sounds Campaign would be? The console of our beautiful Casavant organ has been restored and updated by it’s original makers and is awaiting re‐installation. We have invested in a superb outdoor sound system for our masses in our Central Courtyard. We have been broadcasting mass on our website and our YouTube channel, which has enabled us to gather as a virtual community, and which is of particular benefit to those parishioners who are unable to atiend mass in person.

It is time to launch our 2021 AMA (Annual Ministry Appeal). Our diocese has chosen the theme “Building a Family of Faith”. I enclose an AMA information leaflet which indicates the range of ministries that you support by participating in the campaign. The first $52,000 raised goes back to the diocese, and any sum we raise over that sum, comes back to our parish for RECOVERY and RENEWAL during our 250th Anniversary year. At Carmel Mission, we have set a total goal of $250,000. We will use the additional $198.000 to improve our efforts at building up our virtual family of faith. We plan to enhance our filming and digital communication capabilities through the investment in state of the art equipment and upgrades to our wireless infrastructure.

With the addition of our new Central Courtyard Restrooms, currently under construction, and the renovation of the Downie Museum and Basilica Forecourt, planned for this Spring, we will also invest in improving safety and access to our beautiful Mission. We will also expand our Museum exhibition space, in order to atiract and welcome more visitors and pilgrims, whose support we greatly appreciate and rely on. We will share our progress towards achieving our goals on a dedicated page on our website and our weekly bulletin. In each of the past three years, your generosity has enabled us to achieve our AMA goals: Upgrade of Crespi Parish Hall, Renew Our Pews, and Heavenly Sounds. We could not have done this without you. I thank you from the botiom of my heart.

During this 250th Anniversary year, I know that I can count on your selfless stewardship and your generous support of our beautiful Carmel Mission.

I wish you and your loved ones blessings of good health and great happiness. In the great love of Jesus Christ,

Carmel Mission
3080 Rio Road,
Carmel by the Sea, 93923

Thank you as always for your support and generosity,

Paul Hoffman

Past AMA Successes

2020 AMA: 
In March, before the Corona Virus shut down, we were well on our way toward achieving that goal, as your generosity donated over $113,000. Based on that, we made the decision that with the closure of the Basilica, it is a perfect time to get started on this project. So, we engaged the makers of our organ, Casavant Frères, in Quebec, Canada to repair the internal mechanics of the organ.

2019 AMA: Renew a Pew
Our successful Renew a Pew Campaign had more donors and raised a larger amount than any other parish in our Diocese.
All pews were fully restored and enhanced with seat cushions, which will provide comfort to future generations.

2018 AMA: Crespi Hall Renovation
The Crespi Hall campaign transformed our parish hall into a warm and inviting meeting space for our parish community and ministries.
The fully remodeled kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas, along with the addition of a small conference room and new audio visual system have made Crespi the center of hospitality at the Mission.