Pastor’s Weekly Message 1-26-20

Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,

This weekend our front cover features a group photo of our students and teachers from our wonderful school, Junípero Serra School. We are marking a national recognition of the work and value of Catholic education during Catholic Schools Week.

The cover photo is resplendent with happy, smiling faces on students and teachers. Our parish school is a happy community, where all learn to work and play together, all the time growing in the love and grace of God, as they put Christian virtues into action.

Our parish school inherits the name and the proud legacy from St. Junípero Serra, founder of our beautiful Mission, and the first teacher to open a school on this sacred site. St. Junípero taught many subjects to his students, but his greatest achievement was to introduce his students to the great news that each student is loved by God, whose only Son, Jesus the Christ, died and rose from the dead so that all who believe in Him may have eternal life.

I pay tribute to our parents who have deliberately chosen to offer their children the best possible education, an education that promotes and assists the holistic development of each student, – spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social. Parents, you have chosen wisely!

Our energetic and enthusiastic Principal, Steve Henderson provides dynamic leadership and clear 2020 vision for our school, as we move …Always Forward.. He is ably assisted by a group of dedicated teachers who have the wellbeing and holistic growth of their students at heart. Our sincere gratitude to you all.

Junípero Serra School owes it’s continued existence to the generosity of our parishioners and other Friends of Carmel Mission.

Without your support we would not be able to continue to offer to the next generation all that is best in Catholic education. We need your support more than ever before. If you feel that you would like our parish school to continue into the future, and that you can help ensure that we plan accordingly, please contact me at:

My sincere thanks for all the support that you give to our parish school. Let’s all play our part in continuing to have those happy, smiling faces grace our school playground.


Fr. Paul

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