AMA 2021 Update: 4/28/21

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,
I am happy to report that our AMA Campaign, Recovery and Renewal, continues on at a good pace, having earned over $242,585 to date. Through your generous support we have now crossed the 80% mark towards our goal of $250,000 in our 250th anniversary year.
Today I wanted to share a little bit more about a specific aspect of the campaign that is near to my own heart, the ability to live-stream the Mass for our virtual community.
When we underwent the first lock down in March of 2020, the need to make the Mass available online for our community was an immediate priority, and that week we filmed the Mass for the first time. It was a new experience for all of us, for the four or five of us celebrating in an empty Basilica, and for all of you, participating in the Mass in your living rooms, on your televisions and tablets and phones. We received wonderful feedback from you, some of you shared that it felt almost that you were there with us in the Basilica. As the weeks went on, the strangeness began to wear off and we all began to adjust to this new way of being together, as a virtual community.
As restrictions eased and we could celebrate Mass first outdoors in the Central Courtyard, and more recently, back in the Basilica, my mind turned to what has been a long term goal, the ability to live-stream the Mass. On Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Church calendar, we live-streamed the Mass at 9am. All those joining online, those in the Basilica, and those in the Central Courtyard were, at the very same moment, participating in the sacrifice of the Mass celebrating the Risen Lord. Now, we aim for the best of both worlds, a live-stream experience for those able to join us at 9am on Sunday mornings as well as having the Mass available online all of Sunday for anyone who wants to tune in later in the day.
In order for this to continue to be financially sustainable into the future, as well as to enhance our abilities in terms of live-streaming, we need to make a capital investment in state of the art cameras and other equipment, as well as internet infrastructure. Part of our AMA campaign is dedicated to these improvements and investments in the future.
The reach of our virtual community is truly remarkable. In future updates I will share some anecdotes and testimonials to that effect. We would love to hear how you participate in our virtual community, what is working for you, and what we might be able to improve or how we can help. Please do reach out to me at with comments and questions at
As always, I thank you for your continued support, generosity, and sense of selfless stewardship,
Fr. Paul