Past AMA Successes

AMA 2023: Faith in Our Future

After the deluge of the recent storms, some of the weaknesses in our infrastructure were exposed and cried out for attention. We suffered damage from fallen trees, leaking roofs due to tiles being blown out of place, drainage causing erosion, lack of reliable backup power systems, to mention a few.

We are evaluating all aspects of maintaining, protecting and preserving the property by establishing a property assessment and getting campus wide condition reports by professional contractors. Such a report will help us evaluate, prioritize and fund the required systemic property improvements.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2023 Letter

AMA 2023 Poster

AMA 2022: Safe and Sound

Recent storms exposed weaknesses in our infrastructure that must be addressed. We are evaluating all aspects of maintaining, protecting, and preserving the property. Establishing a property assessment and getting campus-wide condition reports will help us evaluate, prioritize and fund the required systemic property improvements.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2022 Letter

AMA 2022 Poster

AMA 2021: Recovery and Renewal

As we celebrated the 250th Anniversary last year, we set ourselves the goal of raising $250,000.00. Your generosity enabled us to raise in excess of $300,000.00! This helped us focus our efforts at building up our virtual family of faith. We plan to enhance our filming and digital communication capabilities through the investment in state of the art equipment and upgrades to our wireless infrastructure.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2021 Letter

AMA 2021 Poster

AMA 2020: Heavenly Sounds

In March, before the Corona Virus shut down, we were well on our way toward achieving that goal, as your generosity donated over $113,000. Based on that, we made the decision that with the closure of the Basilica, it is a perfect time to get started on this project. So, we engaged the makers of our organ, Casavant Frères, in Quebec, Canada to repair the internal mechanics of the organ.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2020 Letter

AMA 2020 Poster

AMA 2019: Renew a Pew

Our successful Renew a Pew Campaign had more donors and raised a larger amount than any other parish in our Diocese. All pews were fully restored and enhanced with seat cushions, which will provide comfort to future generations.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2019 Letter

AMA 2019 Poster

AMA 2018: Crespi Hall Renovation

The Crespi Hall campaign transformed our parish hall into a warm and inviting meeting space for our parish community and ministries. The fully remodeled kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas, along with the addition of a small conference room and new audio visual system have made Crespi the center of hospitality at the Mission.

Fr. Paul’s AMA 2018 Letter