Father Paul’s Messages

10/1/21 - A Video Invitation from Fr. Paul

A Video Invitation from Fr. Paul – Carmel Mission 250th Anniversary Concert & Dinner

10/08/20 - Be An Angel

Be An Angel – Falge Farmworker Program

07/26/20 - Fr Paul's Message

Fr Paul’s COVID- 19 update on conditions at the Mission.

06/21/20 - Fr Paul's Message

Do Not Be Afraid

06/14/20 - Fr Paul's Message

Reopening Carmel Mission

06/07/20 - Father Paul's Message

God So Loves the World

05/31/20 - Fr Paul's Message

Come Holy Spirit!

05/24/20 - Fr. Paul's Message

I Am With You Always

05/17/20 - Fr. Paul's Message

I Will Not Leave You Orphans

05/10/20 - Fr. Paul's Message

As a Mother Cares

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