Bereavement / Funerals

Due to the Coronavirus, the information on the page below does not reflect up to date information give the current circumstances. 

Services Provided by
Carmel Mission Bereavement Ministry
Funeral Planning –After the family has contacted the Parish Office, and the Pastor and Parochial Vicar have been given details of the Bereavement, a Bereavement Minister will contact the family to schedule a meeting with them to arrange the Funeral Mass and Reception, if a reception in Crespi Hall is desired. The Celebrant may attend the meeting as well. 

The Planning Booklet for funeral Masses which the family receives from the Parish Office or at the Mortuary contains all the information necessary to plan or pre-plan a funeral. The Bereavement Ministry will help guide the family through the process. 

Mass Service – Bereavement Ministers serve as Greeters and Ushers, and they distribute Mass Liturgy Guides.  Family and friends of the deceased are encouraged to participate in various ways including serving as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and Bearers of the Gifts of Bread and Wine.Bereavement Ministers will instruct and assist them with all the details of performing these functions.  Should the family/friends choose not to do these functions, then Bereavement Ministers will fill these roles.

We also assist with the guest book, reserve pews for family members and help with special touches such as setting up a candle and photo of your loved one if desired. Should “Words of Remembrance” be included, they are to be read and given by only one person describing how the deceased’s life was affected by their faith. “Words of Remembrance” are in place of a Eulogy and may be given at the Vigil or before Mass within a 5 minute maximum time limit or at the reception where there is no limit on time or number of speakers.

Mass Liturgy Guides – The Bereavement Ministry provides liturgy guides so that mourners can more easily follow the Mass (a copy of the guide is included in the Planning Booklet). If the family prefers personalized guides, arrangements can be made through a copy service or possibly through the mortuary.

Reception Service – Receptions held in Crespi Hall are subject to availability of the facility and are scheduled immediately after Mass. The capacity of Crespi Hall is 125. Bereavement Ministers provide room setup, buffet serving of food and beverages, and cleanup services.  We provide coffee, tea, punch, plastic utensils and paper dining ware as well as linen tablecloths and centerpieces.

The family or caterer brings the prepared food and, if desired, soft drinks. Please note: Diocesan policy prohibits alcohol consumption at all funeral receptions on Church grounds.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Food can be brought from home, local markets or caterers; kitchen facilities are not available for heating or cooking food. A List of some local Caterers and Grocery Stores is provided in the Planning Booklet.  A table is provided for memorabilia if desired.  Ministers providing hospitality are available to serve for a two hour reception.

A NOTE TO THE FAMILY:Carmel Mission Bereavement Ministry volunteers are dedicated to providing this service whenever a parish family desires it. There is no charge for our services, however voluntary donations help sustain this ministry.