Homebound Eucharistic Ministers

Due to the Coronavirus, the information on the page below does not reflect up to date information give the current circumstances. 

The Mysteries of God are made known in ways that reveal His Glory. Among other teachings, the Corporal works of mercy compassionately ask us to visit and comfort the sick. The grace of God has moved the hearts of a group of Homebound Eucharistic Ministers who bring Communion to the sick and infirm, those recovering from surgery, and the elderly who have difficulty getting to Mass.

These devout servants of the Church live their devotion to the Body and Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Many are involved in other ministries that serve our Church, but, as Eucharistic Ministers, they have a regular schedule as they come weekly to those who cannot get to Mass. The parishioner needs to do nothing to prepare for the arrival of the Homebound Minister.

The Homebound, by nature of their illness or infirmity, can be lonely. On entering the home, the Minister will spend time in a visit, if it is appropriate. Then they will begin the Introductory Rites, that are taken from the daily Mass and are familiar with all Catholics and will end in about three minutes. If a parishioner is not able to respond to these Rites, due to an extreme illness, the Eucharistic Minister will not only respond for the ill parishioner, but will shorten the Rite, i.e. saying only the Our Father, by himself, and then give Holy Communion. If the parishioner cannot swallow, a blessing will be given.

Thus, this flock, who is so dependent on the mercy and love of God, has been taken care of by our very devout Homebound Ministers.

Contact Joan Brophy Thomas, (831) 624-3074 for arrangements.