Project Status

Funding for total project reaches 15% of goal

Interest and support has been growing since our campaign officially began in July! Thank you for your support - don't forget to join our mailing list to stay up to date on our progress!

Finalized proprosal received.

We've received the finalized proposal from Casavant. Revisions include: the ability to use the oboe on the third manual as well as the second manual, the oboe 8' on the pedal, and provisions to encase the choer division for dynamic expression including a motor for control.

Casavant Artistic Director Visits the Mission!

Jacquelin Rochette visited Carmel Mission at the end of September to play the organ after the completion of phase one. "I had great fun playing opus 3612. Millions of thanks ... for the fantastic work (the team) does to support and enhance this magnificent instrument." HeRead More

Balancing and tuning complete!

At the heart of the entire project was a desire for an instrument that wouldn't "blow away visitors and parishoners." For years there many people who commented that the instrument was too loud. When Jacquelin Rochette visted the Mission in his consultation meeting, he suggested thatRead More

We thank you for your support!