Annual Parish Letter 1-1-23

Dear Friend in Christ,

This time of Advent and preparation for the celebration of the arrival of our Savior is always a good time to reflect on all the blessings we have received in the past year.

As I walk through our beautiful property, I see the many historic artifacts and materials of which we are fortunate enough to be caretakers. I am reminded of the thousands of individuals who have contributed to its preservation over the last 250 years, from Saint Junipero and his companions to each of us today. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to be accountable and responsible for this sacred ground.

Personally, I am thankful for each of you, our community of parishioners, who do so much to support the maintenance of our grounds, the celebration of our sacraments, and the contributions of our ministries. Our combined efforts to reach out to others, as we are called by our Savior to do, is most evident as I review the successes of this past year. Unexpected challenges, changing conditions and new restrictions imposed on us did not dampen or stop our efforts. I know that we could not have done it without your participation and contribution as well as the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff. I am most grateful for all of your gifts of time, talent and treasure. On behalf of all our parishioners, and the many pilgrims who visit our spiritual home each year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ensuring the safety of his community was a priority for St. Junipero. It has been a focus of mine as well this year. Our Safe and Sound campaign aimed to improve the conditions here at the Mission for our parish family and for our many visitors. Thanks to your generous support, this campaign was a great success.

May God continue to bless us and shepherd us through our individual challenges and difficulties this coming year. May we continue to pray for each other, celebrate the sacraments, and jointly work to help others in our community, all in service of our loving God.

I wish you and your loved ones continued blessings of peace, good health, safety, and a fuller appreciation of God’s great gifts.

Fr. Paul

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