Pastor’s Weekly Message 11-28-21

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,  
Advent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons, largely because of the focus we place on our Blessed Mother during this time. This year at Carmel Mission our theme for the Advent season is “I am for you.” It is drawn from one of my favorite Marian songs of the same name by Rory Cooney which speaks to the incredibly courageous example of Mary, a young Jewish girl who bore the Son of God, raised Him to adulthood, accompanied Him throughout His earthly ministry and stood at the foot of His Cross as He suffered and died.
“I am for you.” Four simple, but very powerful, words. I am for you is indeed what Mary said to God through the angel Gabriel when she accepted the invitation and the challenge to be the mother of God’s Son. It is what each new parent says in their hearts to their child at their birth, and then countless times throughout a lifetime of love. It is what couples say to one another when they stand at the altar and promise to love and honor one another all the days of their lives. It is what Jesus said to the whole world when he offered up His life on the Cross at Calvary. It is what God said at the moment of creation, and like any loving parent, has repeated countless times in the history of humanity. It is what we are invited to say in return to the God who made us, who loves us beyond measure, and whose fidelity to us never waivers.
“I am for you, we are one.” In this season of giving, there is no greater gift we have to offer than our time and our attention. It is the gift our loving Creator most deeply desires, and I believe also the gift we yearn to receive from our fellow human beings.
I wish you and your loved ones Advent blessings of good health, new hope and great peace,

Fr. Paul

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