Pastor’s Weekly Message 12-25-22

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,
The longed for moment has arrived, our Savior is again coming into the world, dispelling darkness with His radiant light. Let us consider for a moment  the world He enters, and our own place in it. Christ comes this year to a world at war, I think particularly of the brutal, unjust war that continues to be perpetrated in Ukraine. He comes into a divided world, I think particularly of our nation, which is experiencing an unpreceded level of social and political division.
There is certainly some darkness in need of dispelling. But, in the face of those terrible realities, there is also hope. All around the world, and here at Carmel Mission, He finds people eager for His promise of peace and reconciliation. He finds people working to realize His Kingdom. He finds hearts that welcome Him with joy.
The Christmas story is a familiar one, the cast of characters well known and beloved. But in our Gospel for Christmas Day, John asks us to consider the nativity story on a more cosmic level. There are no shepherds or angels, no manger scene with farmyard animals. In John’s nativity scene there is only the Word. The Word that has been one with the Father since before the world began, and will continue to be long after it has ended.
The Word is making His dwelling among us, inviting us to actively interact with God. This invitation has no expiration date, it is not only for the festive season of Christmas, but it is a particularly intimate gesture from our infant God who allows us to hold Him in our hearts as a tiny baby, innocent and full of promise.
Our God invites us into the mystery of His Incarnation to collaborate with Him in the work of salvation. In His human birth, the Word shows the saving power of God that cannot be diminished or overwhelmed. As we begin a new year as a parish family, it is my prayer that we continue to reflect His splendid light into our community and the world.
I wish you and your loved ones Christmas blessings of good health, great hope, and true peace,

Fr. Paul

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