Pastor’s Weekly Message 12-5-21

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,
Today in the Gospel, John the Baptist arrives on the scene, exhorting people to prepare themselves for the coming of the Messiah. This was something the Jewish people had been longing for and anticipating for generations, but the Baptist has a new energy. He promises that this is not a far off hope but a reality which is coming to fruition now, in their lifetimes. The Evangelist uses the beautiful language of the Prophet Isaiah to describe the Baptist’s mission, to encourage people to “prepare the way of the Lord.”
I have always been fascinated by large scale construction. There is something almost magical about the process by which, following a vision on paper, people can make buildings, roads, and bridges. Recall a road construction project you have driven by over time. If you are like me, you might have been irritated by additional traffic delays, and as you looked over each day, it can be difficult to see the progress. Then one day there is a new lane to the highway, a new bridge or roundabout, and within weeks it is  hard to remember a time before it was there. The daily progress may not be easily seen to the novice eye, but to those working on the project, it is readily apparent.
There is an analogy here for our spiritual life. Our relationship with God, and in particular, our preparation for Jesus in this season of Advent, is like a building project. There are days of amazing progress and breakthrough, when anyone can see that a huge milestone has been reached. But there are many more days when we are just patiently moving the earth around, painstakingly laying the foundations, digging and filling back in trenches. These days are just as necessary, and just as seen by our loving God, as days of great spiritual revelation. It is all part of God’s blueprint for our lives of faith
I wish you and your loved ones Advent blessings of good health, renewed hope, and patient preparation,

Fr. Paul

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