Pastor’s Weekly Message 2-16-20

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

I hope that you and your loved ones are well.

Each year at this time, parishes throughout the Diocese of Monterey are launching the Annual Ministries Appeal. By our participation in this appeal, we assist so many people to grow in faith.

Since I was appointed Pastor at our beautiful Mission, your support has seen us go from strength to strength. Last year, our Renew A Pew Campaign had more donors contribute than any other parish in our diocese. We also raised the largest amount and were able to renew our pews for the next generation. I hope that you find them comfortable.

The first $50,000.00 raised goes to our diocese and any sum over that amount comes back to our Mission.

This year our parish campaign is called: Heavenly Sounds, and has as it’s objective, the enhancement of the sound in our Basilica.

We probably have the best music in the Diocese of Monterey. Our wonderful Choir and Cantors add so much to our liturgies and help us raise our minds and hearts to God. We also have music events throughout the year, the Bach Festival being a prime example. It is our intention to develop our music ministry and to add to our musical calendar.

A major component of our music at the Mission is our wonderful Casavant organ. This beautiful instrument adds so much to our many liturgies. The time has come when our Casavant organ requires immediate attention, if we are to continue to use it. A portion of our Heavenly Sounds Campaign will be used to replace all the electrical and computer components, which are totally out of date. We will be providing you with more detailed information soon.

I know that once again I can rely on your generous support, so that we at Carmel Mission can continue to create those Heavenly Sounds.

Blessings, Fr. Paul

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