Pastor’s Weekly Message 3/25/18

Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,

As we celebrate Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, we are brought in to the drama of the most sacred week in human history.

When we wave our palm branches and walk in procession to commemorate the triumphal entry of Our Savior into the holy city of Jerusalem, we are also conscious of the fickleness of our human nature.

The same crowds who cheered His entry to the city, would soon be jeering Him and calling for His death.

When the crowd turns in a different direction, it takes courage and conviction not to blindly follow them. We have a tendency to rush to judgement and a resistance to forgive.

The great truth about this most Holy Week, is that God never changes His love for us.

Our God is not fickle. Our God is faithful.

We should be wary of reacting to situations where we have only one side of the story available to us.

I pray that you may draw closer to the faithful God whose Son, Jesus, saved us by His life, death and glorious resurrection.

Happy Holy Week!

Fr. Paul

Pastor at Carmel Mission

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