Pastor’s Weekly Message 7/15/18

Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,

A time always comes when the shepherd is called home. He goes with grace and enters through that narrow gate, into the heavenly pastures. He will feel the warmth of the loving embrace from the Good Shepherd, the One whose footsteps he has sought to follow down the years. His hungry heart will lose it’s lifelong longing for fulfillment as he dines at the Divine banquet.

All his deepest desires will be satisfied; all his dreams will become reality for him. All the wounds he endured during his years of shepherding will be healed. All the scars will vanish. He will discard the tattered garment that has been pulled so many times by so many grasping hands. He will be clothed in the royal robe of salvation. Listen carefully….can you hear him sing?

We are forever grateful to God for granting us Bishop Rich Garcia as our shepherd.

May he forever sing with the angelic choir.

Fr. Paul

Pastor at Carmel Mission

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