Pastor’s Weekly Message 8-19-18

Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,

We have a music ministry to be proud of here at Carmel Mission. Some have used the term “world class” to describe our music, and they do not exaggerate. Our Choir Director, Kathy Anderson, has brought together a veritable choir of angels, whose dulcet tones enhance our sacred worship and help us raise our mind and heart to God. That choir of angels can usually be heard at the 11:00am mass each Sunday.

Our versatile organist, Tiffany Bedner, is a thoroughly professional musician, who has made our wonderful organ her own, and can move with ease from organ to piano, depending on our music choices. She has performed during many of our concerts and her organ recitals are not to be missed.

Our Music Coordinator, Laura Anderson, has a beautiful and wide-ranging voice which adds so much to our liturgies. Laura inevitably causes guests at weddings in our Basilica to turn their heads in order to see who possesses such a strikingly beautiful voice! She also trains our Cantors, who lead the congregation in song at our weekend masses. Laura is also our Production Manager for all musical events at our beautiful Mission.

Rick Yramategui, is our wonderful pianist at our Vigil Mass, each Saturday at 5:30pm. Rick is a prizewinning pianist and composer, and an important member of our team of musicians.

All our musicians are justly proud of their excellent contribution to the liturgies at Carmel Mission and they help us enter more fully into a wonderful worship experience. They invite your prayerful participation.

Fr. Paul

Pastor at Carmel Mission

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