Pastor’s Weekly Message 9-6-20

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day, the traditional, if not literal, end to the summer season. We take time on this day to consider and pray for those who work. We know that our God values work and workers, and we are grateful, especially in this time, to so many who work for our benefit.

We have recently had occasion to be profoundly grateful to those who work as firefighters and first responders, battling the fires which ravaged our communities. As the fires are gradually contained, there are many who will be helping in the work of reconstruction, assisting families who have lost so much to rebuild their lives and their homes.

In this time of ongoing pandemic we are grateful to the essential workers who have risked their own health to provide and care for us. To our brave health care professionals, who selflessly care for those who are ill, and in this time when we are not able to be with ill loved ones in the hospital, are providing emotional companionship for the ill and dying. To the scientists who have redoubled their time and efforts in labs around the world to try and create a safe vaccine that may help bring an end to this devasting pandemic. We send our thanks.

I am personally grateful to my colleagues and staff here at our beloved Mission, who have worked at my side since this challenging time began to serve our community, to adapt, and to innovate. Together we have labored to keep our community connected and thriving. and with all of you we continue the work of sharing the good news of God’s love. In the vineyards of the Lord, we are all essential workers and our work has not stopped.

We need no more evidence of our God’s respect for workers than that His only Son, Jesus Christ, was Himself a worker, a carpenter beside His foster father St. Joseph. St. Joseph is the patron saint of all workers, and on this Labor Day weekend, I invite you to join me in asking for his intercession for all those who labor, that they be strengthened in their efforts, and also find true rest and refreshment in our loving God.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday weekend and continued blessings of good health and renewed hope,

Fr. Paul

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