Grade 6 Through Grade 8

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In addition to our core curriculum, CHRIST OUR LIFE, by Loyola Press, we are offering a dynamic supplemental eight week class based on St. Pope John Paul’s famous reflection, Theology of the Body.  We believe it is imperative to teach our children a clear understanding of why our God created us and to know our true purpose in life. This understanding will give teens a moral framework, empowering them to make good choices in the tumultuous years ahead.

Theology of the Body for Middle School
Ascension Press

       “During an already confusing time in their lives, middle school students have countless sources of unhealthy answers among media and peers regarding their bodies.  This program uses a great mix of stories, real life examples and cultural references, that are relevant to the modern young Catholic, to show how their love for their bodies can mirror God’s love for humanity.”                         – Ascension Press

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