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The Carmel Mission Basilica Museum: A Commitment to Preservation

The Carmel Mission Basilica is an extraordinary place of history and faith. These humble Mission buildings are living monuments to California’s rich cultural heritage. Our Mission Museum is charged with the stewardship of over two centuries of community memory held in the architecture and the priceless art and artifacts that bear witness to the history of California.

Our museum collections benefit from a legacy of preservation and generations of parishioner commitment and volunteerism. The Mission, over the last hundred years, have worked with craftsmen, preservationists, conservators, architects, heritage partners, museum professionals, and community scholars, as well as inspired volunteers and generous benefactors to accomplish the enduring task of protecting history of the Carmel Mission Basilica for future generations.

Protecting California History

If you are interested in learning more about our many preservation projects, and how you may help to protect one of  California’s most historic cultural sites and Catholic landmarks, please contact Jewel Gentry, the California Missions Coordinator of the Diocese of Monterey.

California Missions Coordinator for the Diocese of Monterey

Jewel Gentry

Direct: 831-239-5254

California Missions Coordinator for the Diocese of Monterey

Jewel Gentry
Direct: 831-239-5254

Current and Ongoing Projects

Our Lady of Bethlehem

With the help of the Carmel Mission Basilica Docent Association and private benefactors, the Carmel Mission Basilica Museum recently completed major milestones in the preservation of “Our Lady of Bethlehem and Child” the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Monterey.  This is the oldest statue and the first images of Our Lady to come to California.

Saint Junipero Serra Exhibit

Currently the Mission is the process of creating new exhibits highlighting the personal effects and relics of Saint Junipero Serra. We are grateful to the California Missions Foundation for their support in the ongoing production of this important exhibit to California’s first Catholic Saint.

Restoration of the Mission Basilica Doors

The Mission doors of the Basilica designed by Harry Downie to resemble the doors of Mission Dolores in San Francisco  have been refinished and are now on a regular maintenance schedule. This restoration and scheduled care will ensure their use for generations to come.


Repair of the Saint Junípero Serra Statue in the Mission Basilica Forecourt Garden

The statue of Saint Junipero Serra was repaired from recent damage sustained to the cross-shaped staff. It was hand-welded and refinished with a beeswax coating to further protect the natural patina of this iconic feature of our beautiful garden.

Join our Museum Docent Ministries Team

The Mission is blessed to have the aid of docent volunteers who work with the museum to help preserve and protect some of California’s most important historic and cultural resources. Our docents help the museum in many ways from Mission tours to inventory teams, and from artifact research to regular upkeep of our many displays and exhibits.   To learn more, please visit our Mission docent page.