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Welcome to Mission San Carlos Borromeo
del Rio Carmelo!

The most often heard comments from visitors center around the natural and spiritual beauty of the Mission. They also show an appreciation of the historical legacy it represents. Through its five museums, the Carmel Mission addresses the history of one of California’s most important heritage sites. We hope the time you spend with us will increase your understanding of the Carmel Mission’s special place in California History.

The Basilica Church, a registered National Historic Landmark, is the centerpiece of the Mission. Upon entering, visitors are usually struck by its catenary ceiling, thirty-foot reredos and five-foot-thick walls. The Mission’s collection of Spanish Colonial Liturgical Art and Artifacts are displayed through the sanctuary of the church.

The Harry Downie Museum, located in the forecourt to the Basilica, houses interpretive displays and artifacts devoted to telling the restoration story of the Mission and the significance of Harry Downie’s efforts in the restoration.

Munrás Family Heritage Museum. Behind the Basilica, in the Munrás courtyard, one will find the Munrás Family Heritage Museum. It displays the treasured keepsakes of one prominent Monterey family. It offers an appreciation and insight into the dynamics of California life in the early years after the colonial era.

Jo Mora Chapel Gallery Adjacent to the Basilica, the Jo Mora Chapel Gallery houses the elaborate Serra Memorial Cenotaph, sculpted in 1924 by Jo Mora, of travertine marble and bronze. This museum is also the home to an art exhibit which changes periodically.

The Convento Museum, through which one exits the Mission complex, holds the art and artifacts of Saint Junipero Serra and a replica of his cell where he died in 1784. Other rooms in the museum present interpretive displays for further understanding the history of this beautiful heritage site.

We hope your visit to this website will encourage a visit to Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo. Then you too will exclaim its spiritual, natural and historical beauty.

Visiting hours:
Please note that the Carmel Mission grounds close 15 minutes before the Mission Store.


Updated 07/11/20

The Mission Store is now open. 
Weekly hours are Wednesday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

Our Museums and Basilica are closed to visitors until at least July 28.

Please check back for updates on when we will reopen the Mission grounds at Carmel Mission Reopening Advisory.

The Museum and Mission Store are closed on:

-New Year’s Day
-Christmas Eve
-Christmas Day
-Day after Christmas

Admissions: $10.00 for Adults, $7.00 for Seniors and $5.00 for Children 7 and up. Admission is free for children 6 and under.