Due to the Coronavirus, the information on the page below does not reflect up to date information give the current circumstances. 

A variety of Ministries serve the needs of the Carmel Mission parishioners. There are ministries that serve educational and formational needs of people of all ages. Among these are programs especially designed for children, for youth, for families, and for adults. In addition there are opportunities for all ages to come together and to learn together. The parish community is further served by the liturgies, music, and seasonal celebrations of the Church. Celebrations of the sacraments are central to the life of the community. Carmel Mission parishioners serve each other as they practice the ministry of Stewardship, sharing their gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

The Ministries at Carmel Mission also offer a means for parishioners to become involved in parish life and to practice a life of Christian service. There are opportunities to share one’s faith in small groups and large groups and to be a part of the ongoing lifelong formation in the faith. Those of maturing Christian faith can act as mentors to the young, or as catechists for sacrament programs and religious education classes. Inviting and welcoming new members into the parish community is an integral work of all parish ministries. Other opportunities are available in liturgical and music ministries.