Due to the Coronavirus, the information on the page below does not reflect up to date information give the current circumstances. 

In a Catholic Church a marriage ceremony can take place during Mass or outside Mass. Catholic couples may opt for the first choice. If one spouse is non-Catholic, we suggest having a ceremony outside Mass, given the fact that half the congregation may not share our tradition.

Since the order and rite of celebrating marriage is very important, please schedule a meeting with the priest who will preside at your wedding for the final touch, or for any change in the liturgy.

At Carmel Mission we rely heavily on a great booklet “Together for Life” which provides the couples with great Scripture selections and various choices during the liturgy. This booklet contains two liturgical outlines. The first one is your copy and tells you the order of ceremony and selection record. The second outline, which is the last page, should be completed by the couple and given to the presider when discussing the liturgy.

Please note that the liturgy, be it during Mass or just a “ceremony” has a certain order. However you may check with the presider in regards to any suggestions or cultural adaptations. Should you need more clarifications, our marriage planner and secretary will answer your questions. Hopefully the information provided below will help you make the ceremony of your wedding meaningful and beautiful! Congratulations!

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