Due to the Coronavirus, the information on the page below does not reflect up to date information give the current circumstances. 


Q: How can I get copies of my Baptism certificate?

For any baptism certificate inquiries, please contact Faith Formation.

Email: faithformation@carmelmission.org

Q: Where can I find the Baptism schedule?

Baptisms are usually during the 11:00AM and 12:45PM mass, every second Sunday of the month.
For more Baptism information, please contact Faith Formation.

Email: faithformation@carmelmission.org

Q: Where can I get a Baptism Registration form?

Click here for the Baptism Registration form.

For additional questions, please contact Faith Formation.
Email: faithformation@carmelmission.org


Q: When do you have Confessions scheduled?

Confessions are scheduled on Saturdays from 9:30AM - 10:30AM.
Confessions are held in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.


Q: When and what time are confirmations?

The confirmation program is multi-layered. It offers a wide range of experiences for young people. The foundational layer begins on Sundays at the 12:45PM liturgy and continues in the MacMahon Center with food, fellowship, and delving into the faith through various topics and prayer. In addition, each year, the young people go on one retreat. Finally, in following Catholic Social Teaching regarding stewardship, all young people will participate in various forms of outreach.

Email: faithformation@carmelmission.org
Phone: 831- 624-1271 – ext. 218


Q: Can my organization host an event on the Carmel Mission grounds?

For inquiries regarding hosting events at the Mission, please contact Events.

Email: info@carmelmission.org


Q: Where do I park my car when attending a funeral?

Parking is available in the main parking lot on Rio Road.

Q: How can I organize a funeral at the Carmel Mission?

You must first speak with Father Paul.
Then, you will be directed to the Bereavement committee who will assist you in organizing the funeral service.

Email: Fr.Paul@carmelmission.org


Q: When are masses?

Click here to view the mass schedule.

Q: How can I arrange mass intentions?

To arrange mass intentions, call or email the Parish Rectory Reception.

Parish Office 831- 624-1271 – ext. 200
Email: reception@carmelmission.org


Q: How can I become a new parishioner?

Becoming a new parishioner requires a completed Registration form.

Forms can be filled out one of three ways:
1. You can fill out the form available on the Carmel Mission website.
2. The Mission can mail you the registration form.
3. You can come down to the Mission and fill out a registration form.

Click here for the Registration form.


Q: Can our group celebrate mass?

If your group is accompanied by a Priest, who wishes to celebrate a mass with your group, the presider must contact and receive approval through our Pastor. We require a 21-day notice for groups requesting a presider. The presider must request delegation and must have been approved by the Diocese of Monterey prior to the date of the pilgrimage and present credentials upon arrival at the Mission.

Email Pastor: fr.paul@carmelmission.org

For addition questions regarding pilgrimages,
Please email to Pilgrimage@carmelmission.org
Click here to visit the Pilgrimage website.

Q: Where can my group park our bus?

Parking of large buses should be worked out with the Mission prior to the visit. There is a Pilgrimage Request form that must be filled out in order to arrange your visit. Your group should be in contact with someone at the Mission to work out parking availability on the date of your pilgrimage.

Click here for Pilgrimage Request form.


Q: How can I sell my product in the Mission Store?

You can call or email the Mission Store and provide them with information and pictures of the items you intend to sell.

Phone number: 831-624-1271 – ext. 210
Email: store@carmelmission.org

Q: Does the Mission Store have a website?

Click here to visit the Mission Store website.


Q: Are the Carmel Mission grounds open on holidays?

The Mission is closed on the following days:
-New Year’s Day
-Christmas Day
-The day after Christmas Day
-Thanksgiving Day

On these days there could still be mass scheduled, but the grounds are not open for tours.

Click here to view mass schedule.

Q: What are the Carmel Mission's hours?



Updated 07/11/20

The Mission Store is now open. 
Weekly hours are Wednesday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

Our Museums and Basilica are closed to visitors until at least July 28.

Please check back for updates on when we will reopen the Mission grounds at Carmel Mission Reopening Advisory.

Q: How long is a tour of the Carmel Mission?

There are two types of tours at the Mission.
The self-guided tour takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.
A tour led by our docents takes about 2 hours.


Q: How can I get a copy of my wedding certificate?

For your wedding certificate, please contact our wedding coordinator.

Email: weddings@carmelmission.org
Phone: 831-624-1271 - ext. 208

Q: Are there any fees for having a wedding at the Carmel Mission?

There are required stipends and fees for having your wedding here at Carmel Mission.
The reservation fee is required to accompany the permission slip within two weeks. This fee secures your wedding date and time.
Please contact us for current information.

Email: weddings@carmelmission.org
Phone: 831-624-1271 - ext. 208

Q: How can I have my wedding at the Carmel Mission?

First, you must fill out a Wedding Permission form and look over the Wedding Guidelines.
Then, you must contact the wedding department.

Click here for Wedding Guidelines.
Click here for Wedding Permission form.

Email: weddings@carmelmission.org
Phone: 831-624-1271 - ext. 208


Q: What is the nearest/cheapest hotel?

The closest accommodation is the Mission Inn located on Rio Road.
When planning your visit, you can contact the Carmel Chamber of Commerce.

Carmel Chamber of Commerce:
The Visitor Center is located on Ocean Ave., between Junípero & Mission, inside Carmel Plaza on the 2nd floor .
Click here to visit the Carmel Chamber of Commerce website.

Phone: 831-624-2522

Q: Are dogs allowed on Mission grounds or in the Basilica?

Pets are not allowed at the Carmel Mission, with the exception of service dogs, such as guide dogs.

Q: What are the drone and photography policies at the Carmel Mission?

Photography and Videography of any kind, whether for personal use (i.e. family portraits, holiday portraits, wedding/engagement photos, quinceañera, company team photos, maternity photos, graduation photos, etc.) or commercial use requires a reservation. If you are interested in using the Mission grounds and gardens as a backdrop, a reservation must be booked two business days in advance. To ensure a positive and safe experience, the Mission prohibits the use of drones over its private property. All visitors to the Mission are advised that their photo may be taken by staff for promotional purposes as part of the effort to raise awareness of the Mission. Names are not provided. Attendance at the Mission implies consent.