Annual Ministry Appeal

We have met our 2022 AMA goal in record time! – (06/04/2022)

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

My heart is full of joy as we celebrate the birthday of our Church this Pentecost weekend. You have added to that joy because of your amazing generosity. These words of gratitude are inadequate to express my appreciation of your selfless stewardship here at our beautiful Carmel Mission. WE HAVE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL OF $250,000.00 for our 2022 AMA Campaign, Safe and Sound. You truly are amazing!

Who would have believed that we would be winding down our campaign at the end of May? The Safe and Sound theme obviously resonated with you and you responded so generously. We live in uncertain times, never knowing what is waiting for us around the next corner. Our aim here at Carmel Mission is welcome all who come our way as our sisters and brothers in Christ.

We are welcoming back our many ministries in a safe and secure manner. We are enhancing the outdoor lighting, our security and our signage. We will be adding ramps and rails around our property to make it easier for us to get around. We will be keeping you posted as we continue to work on making your place of worship as safe and sound as possible.

May the Gifts of the Holy Spirit be yours in abundance this Pentecost and always. With great gratitude and many blessings,

Fr. Paul

Matching Grant of $25,000 – (05/15/2022)

We are close to $200,000 in our AMA Campaign, Safe and Sound. A generous parishioner has offered a matching grant of $25,000 to help us reach our goal. Every dollar you contribute will be doubled in the next few weeks. If you have not yet made your contribution, or feel inspired to give again to our Safe and Sound campaign now is a great time to do so to help us achieve our $250,000 goal!

Nance’s Pulpit Appeal from our 9:00 am Mass – (04/03/2022)

Nance Hoeft speaks about her experiences as an active volunteer in our various ministries and extends a personal invitation to join the many ministries of Carmel Mission Parish.

Please click the image to the left to watch and listen to Nance’s Pulpit Appeal from our 9:00 am Mass on Sunday, April 03.

We have passed the Diocesan Goal of $57,700! – (03/09/2022)

Dear Friends of Carmel Mission,

I’m delighted to report that due to a number of very generous donations from parishioners, we have already reached our Diocesan goal of $57,700.00. That means that all future donations are returned to our parish Safe and Sound Campaign.

I thank you sincerely for your great support and your generosity.

Lenten blessings,
Fr. Paul

Frank’s Pulpit Appeal from our 9:00 am Mass – (02/27/2022)

On the weekend of the 2022 AMA Launch, Frank Fritsch, parishioner and member of our Parish Finance Council, stood at the ambo to share some of his reflections on our faith journey in relation to our Annual Ministry Appeal. Frank went over three areas important to him; Faith, Good Works, and Celebration.

To watch Frank’s Pulpit Appeal click the thumbnail to the left.

Fr. Paul’s AMA Message 2022 – (02/25/2022)

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,
I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe and sound, and that the New Year has started well for you.

It’s that time of year when we launch our Annual Ministries Appeal (AMA), our sole fundraiser for the needs of our parish. For successive years now, your response to this appeal has been truly amazing. As we celebrated the 250th Anniversary last year, we set ourselves the goal of raising $250,000.00. Your generosity enabled us to raise in excess of $300,000.00! This year we will again pursue a goal of $250,000. The first $55,700 raised goes to diocesan ministries, and any amount we raise over that sum comes back to our parish.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put in place a series of procedures and protocols that are aimed at keeping you as safe and sound as possible. We have identified further measures that will enhance your safety and security when you come to your parish. These measures include improving access, parking, lighting, signage, security, wireless infrastructure, and audio-visual resources.

AMA PhotoWe also hope to expand and improve our Museum exhibits. We anticipate an increase in the number of visitors to our historic and sacred site, and, of course, the reactivation of our many parish ministries onsite. In the coming weeks, we will highlight the specific areas in need of support through this AMA campaign in our bulletin.

We have a wonderful story to share with the world, and we are in the best position to share it. The history of our beautiful Mission is a story of advancement through adversity. We stand on sacred ground, aware of the treasures that have been passed down to us, proud of our heritage and convinced of the gospel values that we seek to pass on to future generations.

I’m requesting your assistance to enable us to further advance through present adversity.

AMA PhotoWill you invest in the future of your Mission parish, while at the same time helping many diocesan ministries?
Will you give to our 2022 AMA Campaign so that you and all who come our way will feel safe and sound here?

I thank you for your generous and loving support of Carmel Mission.

Please stay safe and sound.
In the great love of our Savior, Jesus Christ,

Fr. Paul P. Murphy
Pastor at Carmel Mission

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