Pastor’s Weekly Message 11-6-22

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

In today’s Gospel Jesus tangles with the Sadducees, another group like the Pharisees who see Jesus as a threat to their comfortable status quo and hope to entrap him with a ridiculous hypothetical question. Jesus easily defangs them with a moment central to the Jewish faith; the event of the burning bush (Exod 3). Here, Jesus says, God names himself as the “I AM,” the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, a God in a continuing and personal relationship with the Hebrew ancestors that transcends death. Jesus also offers a glimpse into what Heaven is like, or perhaps more accurately, what it is not like, that is, our life on earth.

Last week we celebrated the Feast of All Souls, and had a special Mass to remember our loved ones who have gone home to God. I can think back to a time when I believed that Heaven would be a place where all my questions would be answered. With time though, I have come to consider that it may be a place where both question and answer are irrelevant.

It is a paradox of our faith that a central tenant is our belief in resurrection and eternal life, yet we have very little knowledge of what form this eternal life will take. As a priest, it is my privilege to, at times,  be with people as they draw close to the moment in which they will be leaving this life. It has been my experience that their faith, which is built on a lifetime of loving relationship with God, allows them to face the uncertainty of mortality with the certainty that they are in the care of the One who formed them, who loved them without reservation every day of their life, and is now ushering them into a new existence which will free them to realize the fullness of who they were created to be. What an amazing gift is our faith!
As we take time to remember our loved ones who are enjoying the radiant joy of Heaven, I wish you and your loved ones blessings of good health, deep comfort, and true peace,
Fr. Paul

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