Pastor’s Weekly Message 6-18-23

Dear Friends in Christ,
I was completely bowled over by the love and affection shown me on the occasion of my 70th birthday and 45th ordination anniversary. I take this opportunity to thank each of you who attended the parish barbecue and presented me with the amazing gift of a trip to the Holy Land. It’s a dream come true for me! My thanks to all who contributed to enabling me to travel. I’ve already begun looking at various travel options to the Holy Land.
Thanks to my brothers in the Knights of Columbus for the fantastic job they did in hosting the barbecue and for the very generous gift they gave me. We at Carmel Mission are truly blessed to have such selfless stewards in our Knights of Columbus. They never fail to step up to the plate when called upon and do it all so well, without seeking the limelight.
My thanks to Bishop Danny for honoring us with his presence at the mass and barbecue.
There are so many of you who sent me cards and gifts for both my birthday and my anniversary – I thank you most sincerely.
I’m truly blessed as Pastor of Carmel Mission by the Mission Team who work so hard day after day in making our Parish such a beautiful and special place to worship and to visit.
I especially thank my Director of Music and Liturgy, Laura Schwingel, who is such an important player on our Mission Team and whose tribute to me moved me to tears. I can only imagine the hours of work that she put into making the celebrations happen.
I thank my Parochial Vicar, Fr. Reynaldo Esquivel, for the positive part he played in the celebrations.
I’m truly blessed in having a marvelous General Manager in Justin Burke, who always goes above and beyond the call of duty and whose dedication and commitment to our Mission is amazing, inspiring and phenomenal.
As we draw near to the Feastday of our Founder and First Pastor, Saint Junípero, I thank our loving God for allowing me to follow in the footsteps of a Saint.
He was inspired by what he found in this sacred place. You, the faithful parishioners of Carmel Mission, continue to inspire me by your selfless service and your prayerful presence. I feel truly blessed in being your Pastor.

With great gratitude and much love,

Fr. Paul

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