Pastor’s Weekly Message 7-23-23

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,

In the Gospel today Jesus offers us three more parables – the wheat and weeds, the mustard seed, the yeast. Each of these has a unique lesson for us and, in the wonderful way of parables, new insight may be gained each time we return to their wisdom.

In the first parable, Jesus acknowledges the existence of evil in the world. We do not have to look far to see forces at work that want good to falter and fail. Like pesky weeds that seem to multiply so easily, the realities of racism, sexism, violence, and the many other forms of hate continually wreak havoc in our world.. But God, the master gardener, can and will separate the good plants from the evil weeds. God who made heaven and earth will surely make things right in the end.

In the face of these challenges, we can feel powerless – as if any small action we could take cannot make any appreciable difference in the face of evil and discord. Maybe we just have to wait for God to sort it out? Not so says our second parable. The tiny mustard seed grows into a large, strong bush that offers rest and safety to all the birds. What can feel like a small stance against injustice and evil can make all the difference for one individual, and our combined efforts can grow into a network of safety and support for our wider community and the world.

The work does not end with the harvest. The woman in Jesus’ third parable is taking the next crucial step, adding the yeast to turn the basic ingredient of flour into bread that will nourish.

The yeast is an activator, a catalyst for change. God is such an activator when we act in collaboration with God, moving beyond the binaries of good and bad, big and small, you and me. I invite you to join me this week in opening ourselves to our powerful and merciful God – allowing God to act in us and through us to bring justice and peace to the world.

I wish you and your loved ones blessings of good health, great hope, and true peace,

Fr. Paul

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