Pastor’s Weekly Message 8-21-22

Dear Friend of Carmel Mission,
The Gospel reading today has a bit of an Advent flair to it, reminding us to be ready for Christ’s coming at any time. It is fitting for us to hear it today,  in the middle of Ordinary Time, as a reminder that the Gospel call to readiness is not just an Advent theme, it is crucial part of our discipleship at all times. Jesus warned us last week to not focus on our material possessions, but rather on what is important to God.
This week He tells us that “where your treasure is, your heart will be.” I invite you to consider this the other way around – where is your heart? Is it in your relationship with God, with your family and friends, with your pets, with your plants, with the natural world? I doubt very much that the answer is in your bank account, or your stock portfolio, or on social media. Yet this is where society would have us put our focus, often to the point of fear and anxiety.
Jesus wants to erase our fears, knowing how they can paralyze us, with the knowledge that we are already secure in what is truly important, God’s love. The heavenly banquet, with God as our generous host, chef, and servant, is the inexhaustible treasure Jesus promises all His vigilant servants. The Eucharist is our earthly glimpse of this heavenly feast. It is our food for the journey to the new Jerusalem, a journey that it financed by service, commitment, and love. 
It is naive to think that we can live in the world and not worry about money, ambition, and  power. As human beings, we are wired for survival, and all of these are tools for survival in our modern world.  But as children of a loving God, and followers of the Bread of the Life, we are also wired to not allow these things to dominate, to smother, the true treasure that lives in our hearts, love.
I wish you and your loved ones blessings of good health and great hope. Please continue to pray that peace may prevail on earth,

Fr. Paul

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